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Prolific Inventors
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Nikola Tesla: List of Patents | PBS Documentary (1hr26m) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Jerome H. Lemelson: List of Patents
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Thomas Edison: List of Patents    
Special Inventors
Robert Kearns: Flash of Genius Movie (2008) Petr Taborsky
Selected Inventions
Chindogu: Examples | Book: 101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions Bizzare Patents: Calendar (2004~present, 7z) | Delphion Gallery | 15
Patent Lawsuits
b-mag.gif (398 bytes) FOSS Patents: Mobile related Patent Lawsuits b-mag.gif (398 bytes) Software Patents in the Courtroom: Selected Cases
  • 2011: Numerous from Florian
  • 2007: Symbian Ltd v Comptroller General of Patents
  • 2006: Aerotel v Telco and Macrossan's Application
  • 1998: EPO T 1173-97 IBM Computer Program Product
    b-mag.gif (398 bytes) Numerous patent lawsuits collected by Florian
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Are software inventions patentable? (Dated Oct 2009) b-green.gif (399 bytes) Invention Marketing Companies (Beware) cache
b-green.gif (399 bytes) Global Record Breaking Patents    

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